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Environment Protection
  Environmental awareness and industrial safety are important features of our corporate philosophy and our marketing strategy. Environmental awareness and industrial safety in relation to hardwood finishes and care products, mean above all reduction of solvent emission and replacement of pollutants with neutral alternatives. One way of achieving this is to use water-based resins. We have been developing water-based hardwood finishes since the mid-seventies. A long and costly development process was necessary in order to make water-based finishes suitable for hardwood floors, reducing the emission of solvents by approx. 90%. This product category has now become a bestseller in many countries. Berger-Seidle has supported this development from the onset.



However, water-based finishes are not the only path to a cleaner environment. Solvent-based products with a high solids content are also an interesting alternative. Oil techniques and traditionally based systems which integrate new techniques are also worthy of consideration. The principle of "lowering consumption by raising quality" can also ease environmental concerns while reducing costs through fewer processes and lower material costs.

UV-curing finishes used during production of pre-finished parquet or cork panels are practically solvent free and have an extremely high spreading rate.

Environmental awareness influences our daily thinking and acting and is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Our responsibility is growing with the increasing awareness of ecological issues. For our company this means: a large array of products with low emissions and an active technical advisory service. The market is looking for environmentally-friendly products but not at the expense of quality.

The foundation of our most important development principle is: Maximum product quality, for the best possible application with minimal pollution for both man and environment.