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Aqua-Seal ® Pafuki
AquaChoice ® TrowelFiller
AquaChoice ® FlexPrimer
Aqua-Seal ® ExoBloc


Aqua-Seal ® 2K-PU
Aqua-Seal ® NanoDiamant
Aqua-Seal ® RoyalMat
AquaChoice ® OmniGold
AquaChoice ® OmniSilver
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Water-based Systems    
Our product range contains all important products needed to prepare, coat and care for hardwood floors.
  Consistency is the signature feature of our portfolio policy. We concentrate on products featuring Berger-Seidle core competency. But products which technically interact belong into our "one-stop" full range as well. This means comfortableness and technical security for our customers.

The present and the future in the hardwood-floor finishing world are based on water. For this reason Berger-Seidle, one of the pioneers in this field, since decades ago offers you a full and harmonized system based on water:

Our Aqua-Seal ® - product family water-based and environmentally conscious

A mature combination made of permanent innovation and well-proven reliability, which we offer in different combinations and systems with variable characteristics.