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Company's Profile
  Each hardwood floor has its own unique natural appeal and deserves the best available protective surface. The selection and application of sealing and finishing coats are vital to the beauty of a floor. The development and testing of products by highly skilled technicians has assured the ranking of Berger-Seidle among the leading producers of hardwood floor finishes in the world.

Our business is to develop, produce, and distribute hardwood floor finishes for on-site application or factory-applied coatings.
Berger-Seidle Hardwood finishes are subject to considerably more stress than any other wood coatings. Apart from the obvious effects of daily traffic, the product itself demands highly specialized technology.

The individual nature and characteristics of woods, different types of floor-layouts, floor-laying procedures, subtleties of finish appearance and texture, etc. are compounded by on-site conditions and varying application methods. This gives rise to an unlimited number of combinations to which the surface finish must adapt.

In addition, the care product system, for use after finishing, must be designed to ensure a long service life and a continuing attractive appearance.

Weather and application methods from around the world have an important impact on our products, as they are developed to meet universal requirements and the needs of an increasingly mobile population.

The quality and information requirements from specifiers, end users, and installers makes a highly-responsive and competent customer service division indispensable. Our service more than measures up.

Stringent demands can only be satisfied by dedicated specialists with decades of experience in developing finishing products. We continue to develop our art and are dedicated to being at the forefront of technology and innovation.